A Bridge or Implant Can Be Used to Fully Restore a Missing Tooth

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Things like dental avulsion, untreated tooth decay, or a treatment-related extraction can cause the total loss of a tooth. Beyond the functional concerns, this can also impact your self-esteem and physical appearance and it can impact the clarity of your speech. With time, the nearby teeth can react to the void by altering their orientation in your mouth. The orthodontic complications and dental attritions that result can be uncomfortable and the treatment can be costly.

To prevent these problems from befalling you, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany can offer a few different options. This most commonly involves installing a dental bridge or a dental implant.

A bridge is a single piece of dental work that is comprised of three artificial teeth. The two teeth on the end are dental crowns that will anchor the bridge onto abutments that are formed from the cores of the two closest nearby teeth on each side of the void.

Dental implant restorations occur in two distinct phases. This starts by having a titanium abutment surgically inserted directly into the underlying bone structure in the socket. Titanium will gradually bond with the surrounding bone tissues to create a strong anchor point for an eventual dental crown. Once this has been achieved, we can go about the standard process of fitting the titanium abutment with a crown.

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