Specialty Services

Within dentistry, there are several specialties. A specialty is an area of dentistry that has been formally recognized by the American Dental Association® and requires additional education and training.

At Plaza Dental Care, our goal is for you to receive the best available care in each discipline.

We are specialized in restorative dentistry, and we thrive when providing you the best care available. Along the way, if you are in need of specialty services, like root canal treatments, surgical extractions, orthodontic care or periodontal care, we will make arrangements for you to receive care with our outstanding specialists in Vallejo, California.

We believe that by utilizing specialty services, you will have the best experiences and achieve superior treatment results. We are happy to discuss your treatment needs and goals with specialty doctors to help ensure your treatment goals are met.

Based on your needs, we may refer you to one of our partnering specialists while staying in constant communication with them to help ensure timely and optimal delivery of care.

The list of our specialists includes:

  • Endodontist: provides root canal treatments.
  • Periodontist: focuses on treatment of periodontal (gum) abnormalities.
  • Orthodontist: diagnoses and corrects abnormalities in how your teeth align and interact.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: specializes in surgical interventions, like extractions and placement of implants.

For more information about the specialists that we work with, give us a call at 707-642-1360 to follow up with any questions you make have and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Sean or Dr. Sepi.