Don’t Let Chronic Gum Disease Get the Best of Your Smile

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At Plaza Dental Care, our dentists, Dr. Sean and Dr. Sepi offer scaling and root planing for our patients who find themselves fighting chronic gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease, this is a highly treatable oral disease, especially in the early stages. In this stage, our dentists can often turn around gum disease with this non-surgical deep cleaning treatment.

Along with improved dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing daily to remove that bacterial film called plaque, scaling and root planing can help your gums avoid the more destructive stages that can occur as the gums progress in infection.

When you receive a scaling and root planing treatment, plaque and tartar (or hardened plaque) is removed below the gums by your dentist. This is the scaling treatment. To do the root planing, your dentist will clean your tooth roots, and the bacteria on the roots will be smoothed away (planing). Doing this will help you to keep your supportive bone material intact and prevent tooth loss.

While this is a painless procedure, some patients prefer breaking it up into several appointments where one section is deep cleaned at a time. We also offer sedative options for those patients who have dental anxiety and wish to be as comfortable as possible during procedures. Our goal is to provide you with the quality care you need in the comfort you deserve.

Our dentists in Vallejo, California, are ready to give you the help you need to overcome chronic gum disease. We invite you to schedule a scaling and root planing treatment with our Plaza Dental Care team at 707-642-1360.