General Information about Toothaches

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A toothache is a condition often present in a tooth that can range from mild to debilitating pain. Often times the pain arises from the nerve endings in the pulp either damaged or infected. A variety of reasons could be the root cause for the pain and the damage, including oral accidents, cavities, infection, tooth loss, unseen damage, and other internal health issues.

Sometimes, toothaches can cause other symptoms to flare up, including fevers, chills, and facial rashes. If you think that a toothache may be to blame for your facial pain, seek out your dentist for further treatment.

Another common sign of a toothache is pain that continues even after taking pain relievers and medications. Furthermore, toothaches can sometimes be visually present in your mouth, and take the shape of inflammations or swelling around a tooth, such as in the form of an abscess or discharge. If you have recently had an oral accident, then it is likely that a toothache may have occurred as the result of blunt trauma or other direct harm inflicted onto a tooth.

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