If Your TMJ Disorder Is Associated with Grinding Your Teeth, You Might Want to Sleep with a Dental Guard

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TMJ disorder is a broad term used to describe discomfort, inflammation, or physical dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. Prominent symptoms often involve a dull ache in the muscles in front of the ears or in the temples as well as discomfort when biting down. Some people with TMJ disorder also notice a clicking in one, or both, of the temporomandibular joints.

Identifying the underlying cause and contributing factors of TMJ disorder will help our experienced dentists, Dr. Sean and Dr. Sepi, to develop an effective treatment plan.

Grinding your teeth while you sleep can often cause or contribute to TMJ disorder symptoms. Even if it’s not the primary cause the tension from grinding your teeth can worsen existing temporomandibular discomfort.

If Dr. Sean and Dr. Sepi believe this is a contributing factor, they might recommend wearing a dental guard in your mouth when you sleep. This is a soft plastic mouthpiece that cushions the biting surfaces of your teeth. It also allows a little slip between the two sets of teeth to reduce some of the muscular tension.

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