Oral Health Outliers: Hazards in Your Diet

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Several aspects of your diet may be putting your teeth at an increased risk of failure. In order to ensure your diet can continue functioning effectively and keep your smile safe, avoid unhealthy habits and products that can easily chew through your tooth enamel or chip and crack teeth. Because of the multitude of ways that your teeth can be damaged from your diet, a risk prevention plan that noting tooth hazards that could be present can prove to be highly beneficial.

One of the biggest risks to optimum oral health is tooth hazards in your diet. Several tooth hazards may not be visible, including risks associated with biting into hard products. If you try to bite into a hard product, you may end up chipping and cracking your teeth. Similarly, ingredients and foods can also damage your teeth and gums. Although we all know the damage that sugars can provide, we often do little to prevent them from entering our diets. Soda, candy, fruit juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, and protein bars are all often high in sugars and should be avoided to keep your smile safe.

Caring for your smile in regard to your diet includes avoiding snacking throughout the day. By continually snacking throughout the day, you lower the chance of producing enough saliva to keep your smile safe from various risks. Furthermore, snacking throughout the day can increase the time in which debris can come into contact with your teeth and gums and contribute to tooth decay.

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