Restorative Dentistry: Replacing a Tooth with a Dental Bridge

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Do you have an upcoming appointment with us that involves restoring your smile with a dental bridge? If so, you’re on your way toward the complete, healthy, and attractive smile you desire. To help you get ready for the treatment, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany is happy to share the details of your appointment so you know what to expect.

First, Dr. Khomejany will make sure you are comfortable in the dental chair by numbing the mouth with a local anesthetic. This should keep your pain at bay. Next, they will trim the neighboring teeth that will anchor the bridge in the mouth. This will make room for the dental crowns that secure the bridge.

Next, your dentist will make imprints of the smile after the teeth are altered and then will send those imprints to a dental lab so the technicians can make your dental bridge. While you wait between appointments, your dentist will place two temporary crowns over the shaved teeth so you can use them.

Finally, once your bridge is ready and sent back to Plaza Dental Care, you will visit us once again. Then, Dr. Khomejany will check the size, fit, and look of the bridge. This will help the dentist make sure it’s exactly what you want. Then, they will cement it into the gap of your mouth.

Call Plaza Dental Care in Vallejo, California, at 707-642-1360 if you have any questions or if you’re interested in knowing more about dental bridges. Our dental team wants you to have a successful and pleasant dental experience with us, so we are more than happy to give you the information you’re looking for.