Simple Tips to Ensure Strong Teeth for the Rest of Your Life

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Strong teeth require strong oral hygiene habits. However, that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate every second of your life to oral health care. A few minutes a day can be the difference of a broken smile and mouth masterpiece. To ensure your terrific oral health lasts as long as you do, try these simple tips to ensure strong teeth for the rest of your life.

– Brush your teeth at least twice per day with a brush that has soft bristles.
– Floss your teeth at least once per day with floss that will not shred.
– Remove any bad habits from your life that can wreck your smile, such as smoking, chewing tobacco, and drug use.
– Try adding in additional cleaning methods to your oral health care routine such as using mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum.
– Be careful of eating and biting into products that can potentially chip and crack your teeth, such as large candy canes, corn on the cob, and candy apples.
– Always make sure to attend your bi-annual professional cleanings with your dentist to ensure your teeth are taken care of.

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