Start the New Year off With a Bang by Creating a Healthier, More Beautiful Smile!

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Whenever we begin a new year, we often feel like making resolutions for better habits and better health. Along with better general health, striving for better oral health can make a huge difference in our happiness. That is because the smile and the body are intricately linked, and a healthier smile makes for a more attractive and confident smile. In fact, with proper care, a new year can bring a new smile. Here are some changes you can make to create your best smile for a healthier, happier 2021!

Brush at Least Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth removes harmful oral plaque, protecting your smile against gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing removes oral debris from the front, top and back surfaces of your teeth. It is essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day every day for two minutes each time. Skipping out on daily brushing can quickly harm your teeth as dental plaque wears down the tooth enamel needed to keep your teeth healthy, strong and cavity-free.

Floss Teeth at Least Once Daily

Brushing by itself can’t remove plaque and food particles between your teeth, especially where two teeth touch. Plaque also collects and builds up around the gum line. It doesn’t matter when you floss, morning, or evening, just as long as it is within a 24-hour period. It takes 24 hours for oral plaque to build up around your teeth, and you need to clean those areas where your toothbrush isn’t designed to clean so harmful bacterial buildup can’t harm your smile.

A good choice for flossing is using an interdental brush that fits between the teeth or a water flosser that can easily rinse those areas where your toothbrush can’t. People who floss have healthier gums, which are vital for supporting your teeth. Without flossing, oral bacteria can quickly lead to inflamed gums, bad breath, and gum disease.

Eat and Drink Healthier

A healthier diet is often on the menu during the New Year, and a smile-healthy diet is similar to a healthier diet. Avoiding sugary foods and drinks benefits your teeth, gums, and waistline. Sugar feeds the bad oral bacteria that lead to cavities, not just empty calories. Consuming more fresh vegetables and fruits high in antioxidants benefits your body, teeth, and gums. Drinking more water hydrates your mouth and your body, boosting saliva production, and washing away oral debris, and preventing dry mouth.

Give Up Smoking

Smoking is bad for your body and your smile! Smoking promotes bad breath, stains teeth, leads to cavities, gum recession, gum disease, and tooth loss, not to mention oral cancers. The new year is a wonderful time for a fresh start and a healthier body and smile! You might also enlist the help of a cessation support program if needed. Your body, lungs and smile will thank you!

Visit the Dentist

For a better smile, you need to supplement your daily at-home dental care with biannual dental checkups. In addition to removing hardened plaque from your teeth and around the gumline, our dental team will check for any dental issues you might be experiencing before it grows into something bigger. Starting 2021 with a clean bill of dental health can boost your smile and your wellbeing, setting the tone for a healthier year.

Not only can dental checkups protect teeth and gums, but this is also a time to get needed dental work done. Whether you want to brighten your smile with professional whitening treatments or replace missing teeth, a dental checkup is a great way to start making improvements.

Missing teeth can affect the appearance of your face and cheeks, inflame the gum pockets that are used to hold teeth and leave you feeling self-conscious of your smile. Feeling good about your smile is as important as feeling good about your body, and our smile-friendly habits can help you accomplish both!

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