The Benefits of Dental Fillings for Your Smile

If you aren't consistent with your daily oral hygiene routine, or if you put off your routine dental checkups or recommended treatment with Dr. Khashayar Khomejany, a cavity could develop on one of your teeth. Early symptoms often include discomfort when chewing, tooth sensitivity, or a noticeable change in texture. With early diagnosis, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany may recommend a composite... read more »

Repairing a Large Cavity with an Inlay or Onlay

Premolars and molars have grooves and fissures that help those teeth to chew food. Unfortunately, bacteria and plaque can collect in those areas. If they aren’t thoroughly cleaned, cavities can develop. If left unchecked, a cavity may become too large for the dentist to repair it with a filling. When a tooth is in this condition your dentist might recommend... read more »

Watch Out for Symptoms of a Bad Filling

A filling is commonly used to repair a cavity that forms on a tooth. Amalgam and composite resin fillings have their own adhesive properties that hold them securely to the surrounding tooth enamel. Gold and porcelain fillings are held in place by a very powerful dental adhesive. While fillings are meant to last for a long time, no filling will... read more »