The Three Allergies to Keep in Mind When You’re Visiting the Dentist

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Do you feel like you’re allergic to pretty much everything? If so, then you might want to find out if you’re allergic to the products and objects you can find at the dental office. That way you know you’ll have a safe and comfortable dental experience when you come in to meet with one of our dentists, Khashayar Khomejany (Dr. Sean) and Dr. Sepi.

Some common dental products you could be allergic to include:

Latex: Latex is a common allergy in the dental office because it can be found in gloves, rubber dams, and even X-ray bite tabs. If you call our office beforehand and let us know about this allergy, we will be sure to use different products to clean and examine your smile. That way you’ll have a comfortable and allergy-free visit!

Anesthesia: Many people are allergic to anesthesia. If you’re one of these people, there is no need to worry. We have other options that can help you have a relaxing dental experience all while keeping you safe and free from harm. Just remember to tell your dentist about your allergy so they can make any necessary changes to the treatment plan.

Metals: There are many treatments that have certain metals in them, like amalgam fillings, retainers, and dentures. So, if you’re allergic to metal, then it’s important to let us know. Then we can use a different treatment or appliance to help your smile.

Like mentioned before, if you let our team know about any dental allergies you have, we will be happy to make the necessary accommodations so you can have the best dental experience possible. For more information and details about dental allergies in Vallejo, California, please call Plaza Dental Care at 707-642-1360 at your earliest convenience.