What Is It Like to Have Dentures?

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If you aren’t familiar with having dentures, our team is happy to provide insight into how life changes with these dental appliances.

Are dentures uncomfortable?
Dentures are designed for comfort, but can require some adjustment. At first, they can feel loose, make your gums sore and increase saliva production, until your mouth adjusts and becomes used to having dentures around.

Is it hard to talk with dentures?
Some words may be difficult to pronounce, but you can regain your speech quickly if you practice speaking aloud. However, you should contact our dentistss if speech issues continue or your dentures “click” when you talk.

Will dentures change how I look?
Because they look like natural teeth, dentures will enhance your smile, but the rest of your appearance should remain largely the same.

What can I eat with dentures?
Eating with dentures may take some adjustment, which is why you should eat small bites of soft foods for a while. After you adjust to dentures, you may still want to avoid hot, sticky and hard food as well as chewing gum and sharp bones.

Should I wear my dentures at all times?
You may need to start out wearing your dentures around the clock, even during sleep, so that we can determine where adjustments are needed. When your dentures feel like a natural part of your smile, you should be able to take them out at night.

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