Wisdom Teeth Removal is Important

Are you contemplating having your wisdom teeth removed? If so, good for you! Having your teeth removed is an important decision that could affect your oral health for years to come. That is why understanding why people have them removed can help you with your choice. Our dentists, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany, can help you with removing your wisdom teeth. To... read more »

Protect Your Temporomandibular Joints

Temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are joints that hold your jaw in place and make speech and eating possible. However, over time these ball and socket joints can wear down or become damaged, hindering your mouth's ability to function properly. Don’t let your jaw fall into disrepair. Protect your temporomandibular joints with the following treatments: - Chewing tough or... read more »

The Facts on Teeth Clenching

Did you know that clenching your teeth, which is also known as bruxism, can occur while you’re sleeping or when you’re awake? This issue can actually lead to a number of serious issues. Sadly, many people clench their teeth without realizing what they’re doing. This is especially problematic because you may clench your teeth while you’re resting. Sadly, there are... read more »