Wisdom Teeth Removal is Important

Are you contemplating having your wisdom teeth removed? If so, good for you! Having your teeth removed is an important decision that could affect your oral health for years to come. That is why understanding why people have them removed can help you with your choice. Our dentists, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany, can help you with removing your wisdom teeth. To... read more »

Your Teeth Needs A Healthy Diet Too

Did you know a healthy diet exists for your teeth? Well, it’s true! Having a healthy diet to go hand-in-hand with brushing and flossing will strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy throughout your life. Our dentists, Dr. Sean and Dr. Sepi with Plaza Dental Care in Vallejo, California, are happy to give you tips and advice about a healthy... read more »

Avoid These Tooth Brushing Habits for a Healthy Smile

Did you know there are bad tooth brushing habits that can affect the condition of your teeth and gums? Well, it’s true, and our dentist, Dr. Khashayar Khomejany, strongly recommends avoiding those habits as much as possible. To help you do so, they is happy to list those habits as well as give you the tips you need to do... read more »

Relevant Information Concerning Mouthwash

Although mouthwash should never be substituted as a replacement for either brushing or flossing your teeth, it remains a highly effective oral health care treatment tool to consider as a supplementary cleaning utensil for your oral health care. Be aware that mouthwash products vary depending on the benefits they are seeking to achieve. Some mouthwash products focus on freshening breath,... read more »

Wisdom Tooth Recovery: How to Restore Your Oral Health After Surgery

Sometimes wisdom teeth cause more harm than good for your smile, which is why it's often recommended to extract them. If Drs. Sepi and Sean recommended this for you, you are on your way toward a top-notch oral health. Now remember: it's important to fully recover after treatment. To help you do so, we have some tips we would like... read more »

Eating Disorders Damage Your Smile—Not Just Your Health

Little did you know, eating disorders haunt and attack your smile each time you try to lose more and more weight. Obviously, disorders destroy your body, but they can also destroy your oral health. This is why it’s so important to quit the disorder as soon as possible. You deserve to have a strong and healthy body and smile. Until... read more »

Protect Your Temporomandibular Joints

Temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are joints that hold your jaw in place and make speech and eating possible. However, over time these ball and socket joints can wear down or become damaged, hindering your mouth's ability to function properly. Don’t let your jaw fall into disrepair. Protect your temporomandibular joints with the following treatments: - Chewing tough or... read more »

The Future Is Now With Dental Veneers

The world is chugging along at a supersonic pace with newer and greater inventions popping up all over the place. With the advent of so many amazing technologies, the world of oral health care has seen its own share of modern marvels. One of the greatest inventions that have come along is dental veneers. Dental veneers can be crafted and... read more »

All About Ghosts, Ghouls, and ‘Goblin’ Down Sweets

Did you know that in the US this year, hundreds of millions of pounds of candy will be consumed? As we are busy going batty over all these sweets, many may find themselves being spooked by a cavity or two. Avoid tooth decay, and consider the following list of sweets to limit this season: - Sticky Candy: Exercise care when... read more »

4 Ways to Scare Away Dental Issues this Halloween

Halloween can be a scary time for your smile, especially if you don’t take good care of your teeth. So, to help you scare away dental issues this Halloween, our Plaza Dental Care team recommends doing the following things: -Brush your fangs: Brushing is very important, so make sure to brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush... read more »